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How Credit Reports for Business Help With Collections

In 2020, the pandemic played a significant role in disrupting supply chains and cash flows for businesses. More businesses were forced to take on debt or additional credit to either stay afloat or handle the increased demand. Other businesses loosened the rules when extending credit to accommodate customers. It has created more debt in the […]

Credit Reports for Businesses Can Help You Avoid Collections

No business owner or manager enjoys the collections process. It is time-consuming, frustrating, and can harm business relationships. Yet, an essential part of managing your cash flow is ensuring that you get paid for the products or services you provide. In a survey of small business owners, 69% said cash flow concerns — mainly due […]

Business Credit Reports Are Essential for Cash Flow and Collections

You are running a successful business and everything seems to be going just fine until suddenly your customers are not paying you as quickly as they used to. This hurts your cash flow and makes it more difficult for you to pay your bills. Suppliers start to get nervous and stop shipping products. You have […]

How to Write a Payment Reminder Letter That Actually Works

You want to get paid. If possible, you also want to maintain a good relationship with your customers. However, you have got bills to pay too. If your customer is not paying you for the products or services you have provided, they are the ones who are putting the relationship in jeopardy. Any time you […]

How to Write a Client Payment Reminder Email

Sometimes it all takes is a gentle reminder to get paid. Other times, not so much. Start with a friendly email or two in case someone forgot to pay, misplaced your bill, or is having some difficulty. If they do not respond, use our sequence of emails to escalate the tone in a professional manner. […]

How to Do Collection Letters and Get Customers to Pay

We have all been there. You sell something or provide a service and extend credit to your customer. Then, they take their time to pay you or do not pay at all. It hurts your cash flow and distracts you from your paying customers. On top of that, there is the time and effort it […]

Get Paid With This Business Collection Letter Sample

When writing a collection letter, there are three key components: Tone Content Consequences Each will vary depending on the amount owed, how long the debt is past due, and your prior working relationship. Tone You always want to be professional and polite, but you want to remind your client that you expect to get paid. […]