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Where to Find Top Business Credit Check Services

When it comes to doing a commercial credit check on a customer or supplier, there are several different types of business credit reports that you can choose. The three business credit bureaus offer multiple reports, such as: Score SummariesExperian, Dun & Bradstreet, and Equifax each have their own version of a credit score. The credit […]

How to Choose the Best Business Credit Check Site

A business credit score gives you an easy way to assess the financial health of a business and its creditworthiness. If you extend credit to a new customer, it is an excellent time to get an independent assessment of how financially stable their business is and whether they pay their bills on time. If you […]

How to Perform a Business Credit Score Check on a Customer

In most businesses, extending credit to customers is commonplace. Sending an invoice after purchase can help you build your customer base and bring in new business. Extending credit can also be risky without doing a business credit score check beforehand. When you look at the pros and cons of extending credit, it becomes clear that […]

How to Check My Business Credit Score

Business credit scores work similarly to the way consumer credit scores do. When you check your business credit report, you get an overall credit score reflecting an independent analysis of your creditworthiness. It will also provide details about your company’s credit history, how promptly you pay your bills, and how much money you owe others. […]

Get a Risk Score on Companies – Download the Equifax Business Credit Report

Equifax uses verified business identities and detailed credit history with its predictive models to help you assess the credit risk and financial health of customers, clients, and suppliers. Before extending credit to a new customer or client, creating a purchase order with a supplier, or considering taking on a business partner, you can mitigate your […]

Why the Experian Business Credit Report Risk Dashboard Is So Valuable

A business credit report helps you make better decisions about your business and dealings with your clients, customers, and suppliers. When you pull a business credit report on your company, you can see how others judge you when it comes to extending credit or applying for a business loan. Getting a report on your customers […]